Membership of the Foundation comprises five classes; President’s Circle, Patrons, Directors, Fellows and Members.

Qualification for each class is determined by the amount of a person’s donation, notified bequest or pledge – this being an undertaking in writing by a person to make a donation. The classes are defined as follows: 


  Donation or pledgeNotified bequest
Members $5,000 to $14,999 $10,000 to $29,999
Fellows $15,000 to $39,999 $30,000 to $79,000
Directors $40,000 to $99,999  $80,000 to $199,999
Patrons $100,000 to $499,999 $200,000 to $999,999
President’s Circle $500,000 or more $1,000,000 or more


A member may at any time progress to a higher class of membership by making an additional donation, pledge or bequest or a combination thereof.