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The KCOCA hosts many events throughout the year; we would love you to join us. Please view our new site at www.kcoca.com for further information on upcoming events.

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  1. 07 Jul 2017
     MG 1411

    1987 30 Year On Reunion

    For boys that started in the third form in 1987, and girls who started in 1990, their 30 Year On reunion is being held in July 2017.

  2. 07 Jul 2017
    Chapel By Night Jess Chester

    1996 & 1997 20 Year On Reunion

    The third form classes of 1996 and 1997, and girls who started in 1999 and 2000, are invited to celebrate their 20 Year On reunion this year.

  3. 02 Sep 2017
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    1977 40 Year On Reunion

    Boys who started at King's in 1977 and girls who started in the sixth form in 1980 celebrate their 40 Year On reunion this year.