The King's House System

The House system is one of the true strengths of King's College because:

  • It provides an identity for the student and a sense of belonging
  • It provides camaraderie, a sense of pride and loyalty to a group
  • It provides a focal point to work as a team
  • It provides an outlet for students to demonstrate/perform their interests and passions in a safe environment
  • It provides opportunities for socialisation and building friendships
  • It nurtures respect for different opinions, cultures and ways of doing things

The House Mentoring Programme 

The majority of Year 13 students take on a mentoring role in their final year.  Year 13 boys will be Mentors for Year 9 boys in their House, and Year 13 girls will become Mentors for the new Year 12 girls in their House.  The purpose of the Mentoring Programme is for Year 13 students to assist new students, particularly in the first term, to settle into the College.  It is someone other than an adult that new students can turn to, seek advice, or ask questions so as to enable them to settle into their new environment as easily as possible.


The Role of the Housemaster

Each House is under the management of a Housemaster who is responsible for the overall welfare of the students in his or her ‘family’. The Housemaster ensures that each House member has the opportunity to make full use of all College facilities, not only in academic pursuits but sporting and cultural activities. It is to the Housemaster that parents would make the first port of call if there is any concern about progress, discipline or permissions – the Housemaster is acting on their behalf and always has the wellbeing of the students as a primary focus.


The Role of House Tutors And House Managers

Each House has House Tutors that assist the Housemaster in the efficient running of the Houses. Each House also has Teacher Mentors who are responsible for overseeing the progress and development of up to fifteen students in the House. Teacher Mentors will meet with their Mentees on an individual basis to discuss the student’s academic progress, co-curricular involvement, goals for the future and other issues that may arise. Each of the boarding Houses has a House Manager and the House Manager’s role is to support the Housemaster in the efficient management of the House, as well as the physical and emotional wellbeing of all the students attached to the House.


House Academic Assistance

Each House endeavours to provide help whenever a student is struggling in a particular academic area. In the first instance, any student who is having difficulties will be directed to their subject teacher, but if further assistance is necessary then the House will try to pair up a senior student who is performing successfully in the required subject area with the student in need.  The onus is on the student with the academic need to seek help and they should make contact with their Student Mentor, Pastoral Tutor or Housemaster.


House Competitions

The House system promotes and celebrates the healthy competition that exists between the different Houses at King’s. This covers the whole spectrum, from sports, culture and academia. There are a myriad of trophies that all the Houses compete for, from Chess, Debating, Music and Golf to the Overall Trophy for the Best Academic House or Best Sporting House, or Best Cultural House. The inter-House rivalry is a great way for the Houses to engender a strong House spirit and House loyalty, giving practically every member an opportunity to get involved and utilise their strengths and talents, whatever they may be. Just as importantly, it gives a constructive medium for students to channel their enthusiasm, energy and competitiveness in a forum that is positively monitored and controlled. Recognition of members by their House for achievement or participation is critical in the building of healthy self-esteem.


House Leadership Development

The House system provides many opportunities for students to take on responsibilities and roles within the House which allows them to grow in confidence when dealing with their peers. All Houses provide assistance, guidance and training in leadership, particularly to the senior students in Years 12 & 13, to enable them to confidently take on leadership roles in both the House and College. All Houses appoint House Prefects (Year 13s) who have an important and constructive input into the running of the House. The College offers Leadership courses in the Term 3 holidays for any Year 12 student who wishes to learn leadership principles and skills which will enable them to hone and develop their leadership potential.

Linking with Other Pastoral Care Providers in the College

The House system has strong links with the other pastoral care providers in the College, particularly with the Chaplains and the Counselling Department. There will be times when specific professional assistance is required and a student will be offered further pastoral care through these avenues.