Student Care and Wellbeing

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  1. Medical Care

    Whakaora Cottage, our Medical Centre, is located between School House and Greenbank House, offering a 24-hour, 7-day a week service for boarding students and the care of Day students during school hours.

  2. Counselling

    The care of your child, within our school is paramount to the Counselling Department. We are vitally interested in the network of relationships that will develop a feeling of 'belonging', 'being connected' as a member of the King's College Community.

  3. Positive Education

    Student well-being underpins all education. At King’s College, Pastoral Care is enhanced through implicit and explicit attention to methods that enhance well-being, which in turn leads to better academic achievement, reduced anxiety and more engaged and meaningful lives for students.

  4. Learning Support

    The King's College Learning Support Department works with teachers, Housemasters, and parents to identify students who may need specialist support. Support is also provided for students who have been identified as learning with difficulties at previous schools or through testing or exams.

  5. Chapel Support

  6. Parents Guide to Developing Responsible Teenagers

    King’s College Parents Guide for Developing Responsible Teenagers (2nd edition)