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Taylor House was established in 2006 and it is home to the day girls of King's College. Originally part of Middlemore Lodge, the differing needs of day and boarding girls meant that a new facility was required.

The statue in the garden (Mana Wahine) was a gift at the opening from former Headmaster John Taylor, and his wife, Sarah – after whom this House is named. 

The opening of Taylor House on Friday 4 August 2006 marked an important occasion for King’s College signifying the continually growing strength of the girls’ program at the College.  In late 2005, Headmaster Mr Roy Kelly decided that the time had come to split Middlemore into two Houses so that the separate pastoral needs of day and boarding students could be better catered for.

Initially the numbers of girls increased slowly, with 35 entering King’s in 1985, rising to 52 by the end of the decade. Under the leadership of Headmaster, Mr John Taylor, saw numbers increase substantially to 97 in 1995 and 125 by his retirement in 2002.  John Taylor was a passionate supporter of girl’s at King’s College and it is for this reason that the new House was named after him.


Taylor LR

Taylor House Shield

The Taylor House colour is a deep purple. This was chosen for its regal and religious connections and its similarity in the colour palette to Middlemore Lodge’s maroon, in recognition of the origins of girls at King’s.

The fleur-de-lis (flower of light) shows feathers which are, in heraldry, the sign of willing obedience and serenity of mind.  Ermine indicates leadership and the connection with Middlemore House through the symbol that appears on the right side.


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House Staff Team

Housemaster Gina Adams 
Associate Housemaster Jessie Chester
House Tutors Alexandra Smith
Tracey Butchers
Sarah Currie

Teacher Mentors

Sharon Lofroth
Nikki Bentley
Melyssa Banham
Udi-Ann Delport
Nushi Wijewardena