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Selwyn was founded in 1945 and resided “to the top of the drive” until a new House was opened in 2004.

Selwyn House, named after Bishop Selwyn, had a unique beginning in that it was sited first not on the Middlemore site, but in the City. An unusually large entry of boarders in 1945 made it essential for the College to obtain additional accommodation and consequently a house in Epsom was rented for one year.

This together with 26 first year boys and a Prefect on loan from St John's became the first Selwyn House.  In the same year the present building in Mangere Road was acquired and altered for use as a Boarding House. The House was originally the Trenwith residence and the first common room had been designed as a ballroom, complete with chandelier and pipe organ. 

 In 1967 Selwyn suffered its second fire: the first in 1965 had caused some damage in the common room but the second blaze completely destroyed the annexe.  The building was replaced in 1969 with an extension containing a common room, four prefects’ studies, a dormitory and a Tutor's flat.


Selwyn House Shield RGB


Selwyn House Shield

The ‘sinister’ side (left) of the Selwyn House shield features elements that appear on Bishop Selwyn Coat of Arms. The Bishop was the first Anglican prelate in New Zealand. The ‘dexter’ side shows the etoiles (stars) relating to the Auckland Diocese and are common to St John’s and Parnell Houses.


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House Staff


Kevin Putt

House Tutors



Marshall Hall

Mike Karpik

Mark Kennelly

Teacher Mentors



Barbara Law

Steph Collingwood

Mark Johnston

Rihari Wilson

House Manager

Julie Richardson