Virtus Pollet - Let Excellence Prevail

School House was founded in 1922 and is one of the two original Boarding Houses established when the College moved to the current Middlemore site.  As a House we are committed to the pursuit of all-round excellence and strongly encourage the boys to be involved in all aspects of school life.  

It is a long standing English tradition that the House nearest to the school was named School House.  H B Lusk was Housemaster, a post he was to retain until he left to become acting Headmaster in 1940.  G N T Greenbank who had joined the House as Tutor in 1936 followed as Housemaster until 1947, when he was appointed Headmaster.

The location of School House has had a diverse history.  On 26 May 1972, after fifty years of 'temporary' occupancy, the House moved to its new quarters.  It then became the temporary House for Major House and was later demolished to make space for the Day House buildings.  The replacement School House was in turn extensively refurbished in 1995 and rebuilt only to be severely damaged by fire after only 28 days of occupancy.  The School House of today now stands proudly at the heart of the College.

Traditions run deep in this long established House.  Most fondly remembered by School House members are the 'One Tree Hill Run', driving the golf ball and the 'White Shirt' - the latter marking the final day at school of the Head of House.



School House Shield

The House shield features redefined versions of the original towers that appeared on the first College badge. King's first opened at ‘The Tower’ in Remuera – thus the significance of the emblems.

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House Staff

Housemaster Daniel Dyer
House Tutors Kris Brewin
John Cummins 

Joel Tucker

Teacher Mentors Richard MacCallum
Jacob Samuel
House Manager Marilyn Nething