Semper Ardentes - Always Determined

Originally Marsden was known as Town House, until Town House was split into Marsden and Peart in 1947.

Town House was formed in 1926 with 100 boys.  Prior to 1926, for the first four years after the move of the College to Middlemore, day-boys had no House in the full sense of the word, and were divided largely for participation in sport into two groups under the names of "City” and “Manukau".

As Town House numbers increased from 87 to 198 in 1947, Town House was divided into two day-boy Houses; Marsden and Peart.  The name Marsden originates from the Reverend Samuel Marsden, called the “Apostle of New Zealand” by the New Zealand Prayer Book. He is remembered for being the first person to preach the Christian Gospel in New Zealand on Christmas Day 1814.

In 1977 the move to new buildings, along with Major and Peart, was a highlight in the history of the House and each took on its own special character.




Marsden House Shield

The Marsden House shield shows the traditional cross marking the place where Samuel Marsden celebrated the first Anglican Service in New Zealand in 1814 at Rangihoua, Bay of Islands.


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House Staff

Housemaster Ben Simperingham
Associate Housemaster Robin Topham
House Tutors Michael Chieng
Riccardo Massari
Chris McLachlan
Teacher Mentors Ken Carrington
Danielle Harpur
Miss Imogen Sadler
Sarah Currie