Our Houses

Within their Houses, students have opportunities to celebrate their interests and passions and build life-long friendships.

The House system provides many opportunities for students to take on responsibilities and roles within the House which allows them to grow in confidence when dealing with their peers.

  1. Schoolhousecrest

    School House

    As a House we are committed to the pursuit of all-round excellence and strongly encourage the boys to be involved in all aspects of school life.

  2. Stjohnshousecrest

    St John's House

    St John’s has a proud history of success in every facet of school life.

  3. Parnellhousecrest

    Parnell House

    The Parnell House motto encourages success through personal and group discipline and perseverance – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

  4. Selwynhouse

    Selwyn House

    Selwyn was founded in 1945 and resided “to the top of the drive” until a new House was opened in 2004. Selwyn House, named after Bishop Selwyn, had a unique beginning in that it was sited first not on the Middlemore site, but in the City.

  5. Averillhousecrest

    Averill House

    The young men of Averill House are expected to carry themselves with integrity and respect. We endeavour to make strong, resilient, proud young men, through support and guidance.

  6. Marsdenhousecrest

    Marsden House

    Today's Marsden House was originally formed as 'Town House' in 1926 with 100 boys. Prior to 1926, for the first four years after the move of the College to Middlemore, day-boys had no House in the full sense of the word, and were divided largely for participation in sport into two groups under the names of "City” and “Manukau".

  7. Pearthousecrest

    Peart House

    Peart House, born in 1947, has long strived at being the "Best All-Round House in the College". The aim of the House is achieved by providing a balanced development of the mind, body, and spirit.

  8. Majorhousecrest

    Major House

    Built in 1959 to relieve the two existing Day Houses, Major takes its place with confidence in every endeavour of the College. Whilst there has been change in the House over the years, the same ideals from its founding days prevail.

  9. Middlemorehousecrest

    Middlemore House

    The Girls' Boarding House was established in 1984. With accommodation for 64 boarders, it still proves the popularity of the innovation that was rather contentious nearly 30 years ago.

  10. Greenbankhousecrest

    Greenbank House

    Greenbank's motto is used in the House to motivate, challenge and inspire its members to always step up and never settle for mediocrity. The House strives to celebrate diversity.

  11. Taylor

    Taylor House

    Taylor House was established in 2006 and it is home to the day girls of King's College.

  12. Te Pūtake Lodge

    Te Pūtake Lodge, The Foundation Lodge, is a home where boys will discover the school, the House, friends, relationships and themselves.