What should I study?

What careers lead on from my degree?

Start at www.careers.govt.nz for a step-by-step guide and to help you make smart decisions about work and learning in New Zealand.

What should I major in…?

Check out www.nomajordrama.co.nz. It’s a free website for senior students to complete a quiz, learn about majors for Bachelor level degrees from all eight New Zealand universities, and to rank them based on their skills and interests, to help with the big question: What should I 'major' (specialise) in at university?

As well as each subject area - what it’s about, where it can be studied and related career opportunities - important Labour Market Information about income and employment prospects of young people, five years after graduation, has now been added to each of the 182 subject areas.

What can I do with a degree in…..?

This University of Canterbury link covers a wide range of career options and offers 72 downloadable brochures.

What can I do with my subject or degree?

Career paths from the majors in degrees at Victoria University Wellington, and detailed profiles of successful graduates.

Graduate Careers

Australian site Graduate Careers features snapshots of many key industries and provides information on salaries in related jobs, employment trends in the industry and what type of work you can expect if you pursue a career in the area.


UK site Prospects has a very comprehensive list of degrees and job opportunities for new graduates. Look under Jobs and Work Experience / Types of Jobs. 

O*NET Online

US website O*NET Online has comprehensive links to Careers, Industry Groups, Bright Job Outlook, New and Emerging Jobs, and the Green Economy Sector.

Careers in Science or Mathematics

www.futureintech.org.nz features career profiles of New Zealand engineers, technologists and scientists. Discover where you can go with your favourite subject - Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Technology help you decide if a job like theirs is right for you.

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