Curriculum Vitae - Your Personal Marketing Campaign
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a self-marketing tool used to assist you in changing your future. You need it for employment, tertiary education and scholarship applications. It is an extremely important document which must be prepared well, as it is often the first point of contact.

The way you market yourself can make a vital difference between success and failure in the world of employment, so sell yourself well!

  • A good CV is crisp, clear and succinct.
  • It is no longer a boring narrative on everything you have done. You must select and highlight your potential.
  • Make sure your CV markets you by focusing on your strong points.
  • It must emphasise your skills, abilities and experience.
  • Be dynamic, selective and refreshing. On average a CV is initially scanned in 12.5 seconds!

Sample CV
Cover Letter tips
Action Verbs
Personal Statements


Meet the challenge of an interview for a scholarship, course selection or employment with the three 'P's - Preparation, Practice and Presentation.

Interview Tips

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