Subject-Specific Requirements in Years 12 and 13

Media Studies, Photography, Design and Computing require the use of specialist applications that are not yet available on the iPad and access to a laptop is therefore necessary.

Media Studies, Photography, Design and Computing

Students will need any current MacBook Air (11-inch or 13-inch), MacBook or MacBook Pro (13-inch or 15-inch) with a minimum of 4GB memory.

Contact Ms Jasmine Johnson (Media Studies), Ms Jessie Chester (Photography), Mr Chas Foxall (Design) or Mr David Parr (Computing) should you have any queries.

Design Innovation, Architectural Design and Product Design

Students will need a MacBook Pro with dual boot capability (i.e. Windows 7 or 8 installed) or PC equivalent.

Contact Mr Gary Burton (Technology) if you have any queries.

MacBooks with flash storage should have a minimum of 256GB storage but an external drive will also be necessary for additional storage and backup for Media Studies and Art students.