We have put together a suite of apps and associated services that you will need on your iPad. Some subjects or year levels may require additional apps which you will need to install as required.

Click here for the list of required apps to your iPad. The app links on the PDF are live: open the PDF on your iPad and tap the links to download and install the apps directly. Please ensure that your iPad is completely set up with these apps before the start of the 2017 school year — new Year 9 boys and Year 11 girls who have had their iPads configured by the College’s IT Services Department will have had the apps installed as part of that process.

Some apps require you to join up to cloud services - these are all free:

• iTunes U (Apple ID)
• Google Drive (Google ID)
• YouTube (Google ID)
• Google (Google ID)
• Dropbox
• Evernote
• Showbie
• Adobe Slate (Adobe ID)
• Adobe Voice (Adobe ID)
• Verso
• 1Password (syncs to iCloud account) 

Purchasing Apps or Services for School Use
iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone are based on a model of personal ownership that operates through the user’s unique Apple ID. This model extends from app ownership through to services such as iCloud or iTunes U, which we use to deliver courses to our students. The purchasing of apps and management of subsequent updates are controlled by the owner of the Apple ID. App ownership and service subscriptions can be transferred from one device to another because they are linked to the user’s Apple ID or service subscription, not the device. Because of this, we require students to purchase a suite of apps for schoolwork using their Apple ID so that they are in control of the app and its data.