Welcome to King’s College, a real home of outstanding educational opportunities for the young men and women who enter our gates. 

Simon Lamb

The College is a special place for me from both a physical and spiritual sense. It’s a place where we see more than 1000 students each year walk through our doors with a real sense of achievement and belonging. It’s a place underpinned by a powerful sense of spirituality, where our Chapel and what it stands for is utmost in our minds and guides our actions.

But what completes the College is our people.  Our teaching and support staff keep it thriving day in, day out.  They ensure that students who are a part of the College gain a sense of purpose and desire to make a difference in whatever field or pathway they choose.

The College has a very unique learning and teaching philosophy and we like to bring our people in on these conversations as we work to really shape what the “best all-round education” looks like in a 21st Century world.

We are committed to maintaining the College’s traditions, but at the same time ensuring the teaching and learning experience is supported by the very best and latest of what modern technology can provide. In doing so, we are future-proofing our people for dynamic 21st Century careers.

Staff at King’s don’t just ‘teach’ in the simplest sense of the verb, they are part of something bigger. They’re an integral part of shaping the future of education in New Zealand and we really cannot wait to work with even more talented people to make it happen.

Staff who enter our doors do so with clarity and the knowledge that their ideas and talent will be nurtured, that they will be fully supported by tailored professional development initiatives to take them to where they want to be. The teaching landscape is in a state of change and we believe we can be at the forefront of that change, creating future-proof careers for the people who want to be on this evolving journey with us.

We take pride in the energy, passion and creativity of our staff who together combine to create a really co-operative working environment for all involved. Co-operative leadership, in fact, is a core value in ensuring our vision of encouraging the “best all-round education” is kept alive.

I welcome your interest in contributing to our teaching and learning commitment at King's College.

Virtus Pollet. 

Simon Lamb


King's College