Educational Leadership Team

King's College's educational leadership structure focuses on four key areas: Pedagpgy, Pastoral, Achievement and Curriculum.

Simon Lamb 1

Simon Lamb

Simon Lamb, BA, DipTchg, LTCL, SMMCert
Headmaster of King's College

As Headmaster of King's College, Mr Simon Lamb is responsible for maintaining and evolving the College's vision and direction and ensuring the educational, spiritual, cultural and financial wellbeing of the institution.

John Payne

John Payne

John Payne, BSc, DipTchg
Deputy Head - Pastoral

The Deputy Headmaster is responsible for the daily operations and student welfare programmes of the College. The Deputy Headmaster is expected to ensure that the College provides the best possible staff and student welfare programmes and environment through the promotion of health, wellbeing, resilience, and academic care.

The Deputy Head - Pastoral deputises for the Headmaster in his absence.

Phil Coombe

Philip Coombe

Philip L Coombe, MA(Hons), DipTchg
Deputy Head - Curriculum

The Deputy Head - Curriculum is responsible for ensuring that personalised student programmes are designed and implemented so that students graduating from the college are well prepared and are enabled to be successful lifelong learners. The role involves the oversight of all aspects of the teaching and learning programmes at King’s College including:

- The development of an integrated teaching and learning model at the College
- Curriculum content and professional development
- Leading the teaching staff in the ongoing planning and implementation of information and communication technologies to enhance teaching and learning
- Student academic programmes with responsibility for each student's course of study

The Deputy Head - Curriculum is also responsible for all aspects of the co-curricular programmes of King’s College covering Sport, Culture, Outdoor Education and Internationalism and ensures that these all operate efficiently and successfully to provide the best possible co-curricular programmes for our students.

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith, BE, DipTchg
Deputy Head - Achievement 

The Deputy Head - Achievement is responsible for ensuring that personalised programme design, as well as future staff and student attainment is measured, informed, reported and rewarded through data analysis and data synthesis.


Melissa Irving Edited

Melissa Irving

Melissa Irving, BA, DipTchg
Deputy Head - Pedagogy

The Deputy Head - Pedagogy is responsible for ensuring that current and future staff are professionally and personally supported and developed to assist them in receiving the best possible learning experience in the best possible learning environment.